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Personal Profile Report Details

The Personal Profile Report has been designed to help you better understand how you think, how your thinking leads you to pay attention to certain things and ignore or avoid other things, and how your thinking differs when you are experiencing stress.

It describes how we think and make decisions, how you use the six different thinking centers to evaluate things and make decisions, and how that thinking changes when you are under stress.

  • Immediate Delivery - All aspects of this program are delivered via the Internet. You take the Hartman-Kinsel Profile online, and your personal report is delivered via email to your inbox within 24 hours.
  • Personalized - The Personal Profile Report could be considered the first personalized self-understanding book of its kind. Unlike books that speak in general terms, this report gives a general introduction to thinking and then is assembled based on your thinking.
  • Understanding and Action Items - Each report includes descriptions of your thinking patterns with examples, and then it provides suggested actions that you can take to address your particular thinking biases.
  • Unique to the Industry - This report is unlike any other training or development product in the marketplace. The technology that enables your Personal Profile Report to be personalized is patented and only available from Clear Direction.
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