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Career Effectiveness Report Details
This report is specifically designed to help individuals who are preparing to enter the work world, are considering a career change, or are interested in being more effective in their present job. It is based on more than 14 years of research in corporations and 30 years of working with individuals. It has been designed for everyone from young adults to mature adults in their mid-50s.

Five Major Sections:
  1. Thinking Biases and Career Selection - How your present thinking biases support or hinder your selection of a career. This includes a review of how easy it will be for you to come to a clear understanding of what is best for you, what things are likely to distract or confuse you during this process, and what you can do to maximize the likelihood of getting the job that is best for you.
  2. Working With Others - What level of personal interaction you need in a new job.
  3. Types of Work - A summary of the types of work situations you should avoid and which are best suited for you.
  4. Work Environments - What types of work environments you will thrive in and which ones you should avoid.
  5. Two Worksheets - A "Going Forward Strategy" worksheet designed to help you develop an accurate picture about yourself and how your particular attributes determine the roles that are best for you. A "Job Selection Worksheet" to use for evaluating any job opportunities in light of your own work "energizers."
  • Electronic Delivery - All aspects of this report are electronic and confidential. You take the Hartman-Kinsel Profile online and the computer generates your report. The report will be delivered within 24 hours via email.
  • Time Efficient - Unlike going to a testing center, the profile requires only 25-minutes to complete via the Internet.
  • Manageable - Each report is no more than 25 pages, with summaries provided at the end of each major section.
  • Personalized Booklet - Unlike books that provide general information, the Career Effectiveness Report is custom-made specifically for you. The content is selected based on your answers to the Hartman-Kinsel Profile. A "custom-made" book at an "off-the-shelf" price.
  • Specific Help - Each report includes three kinds of help: clarification of the differences that impact your career effectiveness. Personalized suggestions as to what you can do to get into a career or job that best suits you. Personalized worksheets that can help you throughout your life determine and evaluate different job opportunities in light of your own strengths, biases and personal "energizers."
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