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ZERORISK Hiring System

Hiring People is risky business. You must match a qualified person with the job, the corporate culture, and the manager’s style. Making the right choice is critical and extremely difficult. Making the wrong choice is easy and very costly. Of course, no one can completely eliminate your hiring risks, but ZERORISK Hiring System can help you approach that goal.

This unique business tool will provide valuable insight into your candidate’s core behavioral competencies. You’ll quickly and accurately have information on an individual’s emotional and social competencies such as: people skills (empathy), decision-making ability, willingness to follow procedures and rules, motivation and initiative, self-confidence, self-regulation, and ability to work on a team.

Everyone in the interview process, from the initial interviewer to the department head, is provided with an easy-to-use Candidate Profile and Interview Guide to assist them in structuring a revealing behavioral-based interview, customized to each candidate.

  • Standardizes a significant part of the hiring process
  • Increases compliance to EEOC requirements
  • Provides direction to untrained and/or biased interviewers
  • Reduces unwanted turnover
  • Expedites the interviewing and selection process
  • Customized behavioral-based interview questions target each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Reveals likely job hoppers and “professional interviewees”
  • Gives insight into the candidate’s potential compatibility with his/her manager
  • Helps managers determine the core behaviors critical to the job
  • Identifies the corporate culture in which the candidate will excel
  • Provides legal and pertinent questions for insightful reference checks
  • Assists the interviewer in knowing what to look for in the interview
How to Purchase
If your company is interested in making the right choice the first time when it comes to hiring the best employees, please email ZERORISK at info@zeroriskhr.com.

You will be contacted by a ZERORISK representative who will answer any questions you have about this amazing product and provide you with pricing information and product details.
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