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Value Logic - How to Think More Clearly - By Dr. F. Forrest

The first internet delivered course in formal axiology, the science of thinking. Clear Direction, Inc. has chosen to offer this course because it is, "the single best course available for a person to develop a working and useful knowledge of axiology".

Value Logic is a course that works. It has been proven in multiple settings to lead to the student's improving his/her value vision, the ability to think clearly. While it is an introductory course, it uses intermediate levels of philosophy and mathematics, leading us to rate it as a college level course. This course was created by Dr. Frank Forrest and is administered by Clear Direction, Inc.

Price $95.00


Self Improvement - the course includes pre and post "Value Vision" tests. These provide objective measures as to how much progress and personal growth has taken place as a result of the course.

Thorough Understanding - while the course has very limited mathematics, which are central to formal axiology's distinctiveness as a science, graduates of this course know how axiology works and are able to use it to improve and check their decision making.

What's Included

  • A Pre-test: A self-scoring Value Vision test that you take prior to beginning the course. This gives you a benchmark against which you can compare your scores after completing the course.
  • The Value Vision Course: 13 lessons sent to your email box over the course of 6 months. Each lesson is approximately six pages and includes a quiz with answers (and explanations) to confirm your mastery of the materials.
  • A Post-test: A self-scoring Value Vision test that you take after completing the course. By comparing this with your pre-test results, you are able to objectively measure your progress in thinking: evaluating and decision-making!

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