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Completing a Clear Direction Team Directory
Completing a Clear Direction Team Directory is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Take the Hartman-Kinsel Profile Online

All team members must complete a Hartman-Kinsel Profile. Each team member logs onto our website by either setting up an account with Clear Direction or by entering a login ID or trial code. Once the participant has signed in, detailed instructions are provided on how to rank the items in Tasks A through E. The participant is notified of a successful completion once all five tasks have been ranked. This process takes approximately 25-minutes.

Step 2: Determine Who Will Be Included in Your Team Directory

You will provide Clear Direction with a list of your team members and their relationship to you (for example, superior, peer or subordinate). Clear Direction takes over from here. We will compile your Team Directory based on the Hartman-Kinsel Profile scores of you and your team members. Your Team Directory will be professionally printed, bound and mailed directly to you. Clear Direction, Inc. is equipped and staffed to be able to generate Team Directories within three-days of the order being placed (provided each member of the team has already completed the Hartman-Kinsel Profile).

Step 3: Review Your Team Directory

Your Team Directory will outline the motivations of each of your team members as well as things to remember when interacting with these individuals. As a professional, you will have an invaluable tool at your fingertips on how to interact and work successfully with your boss, peers and subordinates. You’ll be amazed at the value the Team Directory will provide.
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