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Team Building Packages

A suite of products that equip a head of a team to more effectively build his/her particular team. These products have been designed with today's managers in mind: so busy that they are unable to attend training classes or spend much time preparing materials that will bring a team of reports together. The Team Building package provides each manager with easy-to-use, practical tools. All good leaders employ different styles and approaches depending on the outcomes they are trying to secure - and the Clear Direction Team Building package provides different tools for the team leader to use that lead to different outcomes.


Greater cooperation among the team members - usually the principle goal of team building is that the team members will genuinely respect and cooperate with each other. The Team Building products address all critical areas that prevent the building of genuine respect and cooperative attitudes.

Better Performance - By increasing the cooperation and decreasing the friction within a team, the Team Building program helps the team leader get greater performance, interaction, and productivity from the team. By laying the building blocks necessary for mutual respect, cooperation, and support, the Team Building program leads to genuine interdependence within teams.

Better communications within a specific department - The program products stimulate and direct communication about relevant matters between the leader and his/her team. This results in employee's feeling they are heard, valued, and being given support that they otherwise would not have received.

Less unwanted turnover - By providing specific direction to the head of the team as to how best work with each person, the leader can proactively avoid problems, conflicts, discouraging the team members, and make the team a much more desirable place to work for each individual member.

Fewer management headaches - The team leader will make fewer mistakes communicating with his team when he becomes aware of what is most important to them, what are the real reasons they complain, and how he can best respond to their needs and wants. The kind of personalized management attention results in less defensiveness, less complaining, and fewer conflicts.

Better understanding of what is needed to effectively manage a particular team - The team leader will receive an objective analysis of what kinds of management demands and how much management his particular team needs to be an effective.

What's Included

  • The head of the Team is provided his/her own Profile and Development Program which provide information about their own thinking biases and eLessons that serve as a personal development program.
  • A Team Directory, which provides an objective analysis of the team and recommendations for the leader to more effectively motivate and lead this particular team of people.
  • A Team Building Manual which provides exercises, cases, discussion outlines, and suggestions as to how best to build the team and bring the members to greater levels of cooperation.
  • Reminders about and suggestions as to how best to motivate each of the team members. This is often obvious to the head of the team but often escapes leaders when they are busy.
  • Personal Profile Reports and Development Programs for each of the team members.
  • A Manager's Manual that provides summaries of the content of each of the eLessons, discussion questions to use to review the eLessons with the participants, and key issues that the head of the team is able to address based on the content of each particular eLesson.

How to Purchase

If your company is interested in purchasing Team Building products, please email Clear Direction at sales@cleardirection.com. You will be contacted by a Clear Direction representative to answer any questions you have.

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