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Professional Profile Report Details

The Clear Direction Professional Profile Report & Development Program assists professionals in taking control of their lives and their work by enabling them to better use their strengths and acknowledge their limitations.

This powerful process provides each business professional with a comprehensive Professional Profile Report describing how the individual’s thinking affects communication, problem solving, and their relationships with others. The report is written specifically for business leaders to address the unique thinking characteristics that successful professionals possess. A six month personal Development Program which is delivered via email messages to the participant’s inbox follows the report.

  • Electronic Delivery - All aspects of this program are delivered via the Internet. The participant takes the Hartman-Kinsel Profile online, and the Professional Profile Report and Development Program is delivered via email to the participant’s inbox.
  • Time Efficient - Designed to minimize the time required to complete the program, while maximizing the term of involvement (six months). Each person’s time commitment is less than 20-minutes per lesson.
  • Cost Effective - An affordable option to solve your professional training and development needs because it utilizes the cost effectiveness of the Internet and the practical aspects of the Hartman-Kinsel Profile.
  • Personalized - Information is directed to the professional’s specific strengths and weaknesses, therefore each report is one-of-a-kind.
  • Objective Feedback - Void of the personality biases of counselors, trainers, or friends. This program is 100% anonymous and is based on an objective measure of the person’s thinking structure; therefore it is free of contamination from personality differences or biases.
  • Diagnoses Sources not Symptoms of Problems - Training and development recommendations are assigned according to each person’s particular needs and conditions in their thinking which address the sources of unwanted behaviors, not the behaviors themselves.
  • Fully Validated - Scientifically validated and tested in the marketplace.
    Validation Studies
  • Unique to the Industry - The Professional Profile Report & Development Program is unlike any other training or development product in the industry.
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