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Individual Contributor Profile Report and Development Program Details

The Individual Contributor Profile Report & Development Program is specifically designed to equip, train, and develop individuals who are either new to management roles or are in roles where their interaction and coordination with other managers is limited. This program was created for non-executive managers, supervisors, and department heads.

Each manager is provided with a comprehensive Profile Report describing the unique thinking characteristics that successful managers possess. An ongoing Development Program consisting of 13 eLessons that are delivered to the manager's in-box follows the Profile Report.

  • Electronic Delivery - All aspects of this program are delivered via the Internet. The participants take the Hartman-Kinsel Profile online. The personal reports, training, and quizzing are completed online.
  • Time Efficient - Unlike classroom training that takes managers out of their job roles for extended periods of time, this training and development program requires only 15-minutes per lesson and is done via email, in the work setting.
  • Manageable Volumes of Information - Unlike seminars that give managers too much information at one session, the Manager Development Program provides "bite-sized" units of no more than two pages of text, every other week for six months.
  • Personalized Training - And unlike training programs that give the same information to every person in the class, the Manager Profile Report and Development Program personalizes the content and the training recommendations based on the unique strengths and limitations of each manager.
  • Stimulates Communication - This report stimulates and directs communication about relevant matters between the manager and his/her boss and team.
  • Unique to the Industry - This state-of-the-art product is unlike any other training or development product in the marketplace.
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