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Book: Writing a Value Profile
By Dr. Bob Smith
Copyright 2007

110 pages

Writing a Value Profile describes what a value profile is, a brief history of value profiles, the substantive differences between tools based on deductive and inductive sciences, how to write a value profile (with pages designed to serve as ongoing work sheets for developing value combinations) and an article on the problems inherent in the Hartman Value Profile. The book includes a completed new value profile, valuations that historically have not been addressed by value profiles, and a construct validation of the new profile.

Written for people who are interested in learning about or improving their understanding of the dimensions of formal axiology, Writing a Value Profile, is the first work that compiles the works of Drs. Hartman, Forest, Moore, Schildt, and Smith as they apply to value profiles as instruments from which individual's value structures can be derived.

Writing a Value Profile

Table of Contents

Part I: The First Value Profile
     Inductive and Deductive Methodologies
     The Two Key Measures of Value Profiles
     The Three Dimensions and their Characteristics
     Accurate and Useful Profiles - Practical and Theoretical Considerations

Part II: Writing a Profile
     Value Combination Work Sheet
     The Eighteen Combinations of IES Dimensions
     Measuring Biases Within Dimensions
     The Steps to Writing a Good Value Profile

Part III: The New Clear Direction Profile
     Construct Validation
     Additional Tasks for Greater Insights
     Theme Specific Profiles
     Translating Profiles into Other Languages

     Dr. Robert S. Hartman, the Father of Formal Axiology
     Why the HVP Needed to be Replaced
     The Mathematical Structures of Formal Axiology
     My First Revision of the HVP (The Hartman-Kinsel Profile)
     My Second Revision of the Profile (The Revised Profile)
     Samples of Profiles
     About the Author


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